Trumpsters Just Found Out They Will Be On The MEXICO SIDE of Trump Wall – OMG Sweet KARMA – WATCH IT HERE

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Pat Bell is a Trump voter who’ll be getting more than she bargained for when she cast her ballot in November.

Make that getting less, or rather, losing. 

Bell is livid now that the reality of fulfilling Trump’s signature campaign promise — building a wall on the United States’s southern border — is playing out in real life. You see, Bell’s house on the border could end up on the south  side of the proposed wall, reports Crooks and Liars, that is — the Mexican side.

Said Bell upon hearing the news: “I was very angry, I just kept saying, how can they do that? How is that possible in the United States that they can do this? They put up a fence in front of our land and then keep us in here — lock us in. I didn’t understand. I was very — I was floored and flabbergasted.”

And as CNN found, Bell is among hundreds, if not thousands, facing the same fate, just like occurred in the last big US push to erect a southern partition.

Watch the full video:

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