Trump Throwing Seniors To The Wolves By Abolishing This Protective Obama Rule

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The Trump administration is preparing to eliminate protections that allow victims of alleged nursing home abuse to sue their caretakers.

The Hill is reporting today that, “The Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services (CMS) announced plans in June to do away with an Obama-era rule that prohibited nursing homes that accept Medicare or Medicaid funds from including language in their resident contracts requiring that disputes be settled by a third party rather than a court.”

Consumer groups are preparing for a final fight to keep the protections in place as a report is expected this week.

This is just the latest and possibly the most shameless bit of evidence that the President is determined to erase President Obama’s legacy, no matter who he hurts in the process.  In the Trump administration, any rule or regulation enacted under the previous administration is presumed to be onerous and unnecessary, even if it protects the most vulnerable Americans like senior citizens from abuses.  If it has Obama’s fingerprints on it, Trump wants it out.

“Simply making the argument that we are a new administration and want to make sure corporations don’t have regulations that are forcing them to be accountable is not a good enough reason to change a rule that underwent extensive review,” Remington Gregg, counsel for civil justice and consumer rights at Public Citizen, told The Hill.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce fought the Obama Administration when it instituted the rule in 2015, saying then that using the courts to settle disputes is not in the interest of patients receiving nursing home care.

“Litigation in court is procedurally complex, which means that non-lawyers need legal representation to have any hope of successfully navigating the system, but many plaintiffs’ claims are too small to justify paying a lawyer to handle the matter and, in any event, most people do not have the resources to do so.” The chamber said in statement.

But contractually forcing patients to surrender their right to sue a nursing home can’t be good for seniors.  Trump, however, doesn’t seem to care.

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