Kellyanne Conway Babbles Incoherently About Lie Detectors At The WH – Ethics Lawyer Gives PERFECT Response

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Kellyanne Conway’s hypocrisy just reached dizzying new heights.  One of President Trump’s biggest concerns in the White House is the “leaks.”  He steadily tweets about the “Fake News” media and the leaky seams in the White House.

Conway appeared on Fox News to discuss what the Trump administration plans to do about all of the leaks.  She said, “Well they may — they may not. There are many different ways to discover who is leaking. This is really incensing the people who are here to serve and that begins with the president and the vice president, our Cabinet [and] our chiefs of staff.”

In Conway’s opinion, the most dangerous leaks are the ones that compromise national security.  Well, duh!

She continued, “Remember, grand jury investigations are meant to remain secret so someone leaked it. It could be anybody on the grand jury, could be one of the lawyers, it could be anyone I suppose.

But what really should concern everyone are leaks that concern national security. Leaking phone calls of our president and other heads of state is nothing short of a national disgrace.”

Kellyanne Conway wants to stop the leaks by making everyone in the West Wing take a lie detector test.  George W. Bush’s former ethics lawyer, Richard Painter’s response, says it all:

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