Trump Just Claimed He’s NOT On Vacation and Is Working Hard – These Photos Tell The REAL Story

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On the first day of his 17-day vacation at his Bedminister, New Jersey Golf resort, the President of the United States took to Twitter in order to engage in some of the most egregious gaslighting we’ve seen yet from this lazy and incompetent president.


He wants us to believe that the man who has so far visited his private golf resorts 42 times since taking office, who has confirmed to have played golf at least 19 times, who has spent 53 out of 196 days in office on vacation, is going once again to his own private golf course for “meetings and calls?”

While his fans may be quick to excuse his behavior, they’re going to have to choose between the words of their beloved president or their own lying eyes when they see these photos.

The President didn’t count on his guests at the Golf Course outing him on Instagram. A wedding guest posted this photo barely an hour ago, showing Trump in his golf cart, in his golf gear…and telling a group of young women how attractive they look.

Looks our do-nothing President just got caught in a very embarrassing lie.

At least if he’s golfing, he’s much less likely to get us dragged into some kind of international crisis or demand some kind of heinously unconstitutional anti-leak measures. Some small solace for being the laughingstock of the world.

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