Paul Ryan Just Had a Fake ‘Town Hall’ With a Fake Audience – And It Blew Up In His Face!

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Like many Republicans these days, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) has been avoiding public town hall meetings of late, ostensibly to escape constituents who are angry that the best the Republicans could come up with after 7 years of shouting how they were going to repeal and replace Obamacare was a plan that would strip over 20 million people of their health care and increase premiums and deductibles for the everyone else for coverage that would be worse than what they already have.

In fact, it’s been nearly two years since Ryan held a public town hall. He said he wants to avoid a “screaming fest”, and is convinced any town hall would be filled with people smuggled in from outside his district to protest his hateful policies. Given that his poll numbers show that Ryan is even more unpopular than President Trump, you probably wouldn’t need to search very far afield to fill a hall with people who oppose him.

Still, a politician needs media events interacting with the public to keep their faces on the local news and keep their brand recognition up. So Ryan has turned to a strategy of setting up events at businesses he visits with a hand-picked audience of employees who presumably will be on best behavior in front of their bosses.

According to an article on, even these filtered assemblies can’t keep Ryan’s constituents from expressing their ire at the Speaker of the House. The article details a recent meeting at the Banker Wire manufacturing company in Wisconsin filled with an audience of Republican workers.

“After listening the Republicans complain about not being in control during the Obama presidency, 62-year-old Keith Ketzler said, “You’re in there now and all I see is in-fighting. It’s very dysfunctional. I don’t see any plans for anything.”

Ryan seemed to agree, noting that the GOP’s inability to get basically anything done could put the country on a “bad path.” But he petulantly added that he only controls the House. “I don’t run the Senate,” he said.”

Ryan also tried to cite the filibuster as a reason for his party’s incompetence, as well to blame the media for the GOP’s poor messaging. But Ketzler did not seem persuaded.

“For eight years [Republican voters have] heard, ‘We’ve got a plan, things are going to change.’”

It seems like the blue collar base is beginning to wise up not only to the lies they’ve heard from Donald Trump, but they are finally realizing that the rest of the Republican leadership is equally complicit in campaigning on big promises for Middle America, while delivering the tax cuts and the cost-cutting reductions in social services that their corporate masters are demanding.

It’s about time. Soon Ryan will have no place to hide from the criticisms he so richly deserves.

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