Minnesota Terrorist Just FireBombed Muslim Center – Guess Trump’s Response?

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Once again, there has been a horrific hate crime committed against Muslim Americans and once again, President Trump has remained silent.

Early this morning, an unknown assailant detonated an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) at an Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minnesota, fortunately killing nobody.

Since the attack, Trump released a weekly address that made no mention of Bloomington. He then had plenty of time to tweet a pro-Trump Washington Post story (an outlet Trump frequently says is ‘fake news’), an anti-Clinton/Debbie Wasserman Schultz Fox News segment, and to lie that he was busy with presidential work at his New Jersey golf club (minutes later, photos surfaced of him riding around the green in a golf cart).

This fits into an all too common pattern. When victims of terror attacks are Muslim, Trump rarely, if ever, acknowledges it.

When a white supremacist killed six Muslim worshippers in Quebec, Trump said nothing. Then-press secretary Sean Spicer eventually offered condolences much later, only to use the attack as an excuse to promote Trump’s anti-Muslim travel ban.

When a white supremacist stabbed two men to death who were trying to defend a Muslim woman, Trump said nothing for three days. When the outrage grew loud enough, a single tweet was sent from his official POTUS account (which has far fewer followers) in a a writing style that doesn’t remotely resemble Trump’s bombastic, exclamation mark-laden style.

The violent attacks in Portland on Friday are unacceptable. The victims were standing up to hate and intolerance. Our prayers are w/ them.

And when his presidency incited a series of mosque fires and a rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes, Trump never said a word. Compare this to George W. Bush, who spoke out strongly against anti-Muslim bigotry following 9/11.

When the terrorist attacker is a Muslim, Trump tends to make a statement right away, sometimes even before authorities have had time to ascertain what is going on.

“That looks like another Islamic disaster,” Trump said the day after the San Bernadino attack. “You look at this horrible terrorism that’s going all over the place, and we have to be vigilant and we have to be smart. We can’t allow ourselves to be just decimated. And I have friends that are Muslims, they are very nice people, but they understand there’s a big problem. We have a big problem.”

And that Quebec attack that killed six Muslims that Trump never directly talked about? In that same time frame, Trump eagerly tweeted about a single Muslim assailant who wounded one person around the Louvre before being instantly arrested.

“We came to this country for the same reason everyone else came here — freedom to worship,” said Yasir Abdalrahman, a worshipper at the Bloomington mosque that was attacked today. “And that freedom is under threat. Every other American should be insulted by this.”
They should be. But the leader of America, it seems, most definitely is not.

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