Reebok Just Humiliated Trump With This One Perfect Picture For His Classless Comments To French President Macron’s Wife – *See The Picture Here*

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In the wake of President Trump’s best dirty old man impression in Paris this week, Reebok has shared some helpful advice to keep The Donald, and any other ignorant man, out of future trouble. (Graphic below.)

Upon meeting French First Lady Brigitte Macron, Trump commented on her figure, turned to her husband, President Emmanuel Macron to repeat the superficial remark, and finished by looking her up and down, and uttering, “beautiful.”

Many people have pointed out that this is incredibly inappropriate behavior for a diplomatic setting, but Reebok rightly doesn’t think that goes far enough.

By the shoe company’s excellent estimation, there is just one scenario in which it is acceptable to behave as our president: when talking to inanimate objects.

After all, even if you’re not famous, they let you do it.

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