We All Wish Democrats Had More Balls

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Bill Maher is in the news lately because he referred to himself – and we’ll spare you the infantile star-out – as a “house nigger.” Which, predictably, is generating Kathy-Griffin-esque levels of fake outrage. And the present author, also a house nigger (don’t assume my race or background, you can’t see me!), will now explain why that doesn’t matter beans, and in fact, we need a lot more of it.

Fittingly, here is the foundation of that argument from Maher’s own show:

In a nutshell: Democrats need to be less like shy little meadow bunnies and more like raging pit bulls. We are, after all, the party that is right about everything. It’s not that we need to “sink to the Republicans’ level,” it’s that we need to take back what is rightfully ours: The conviction that we are in the right, on the side of righteousness, and therefore all arguments to the contrary are bullshit.

We also need to get over words, starting with “bullshit.” Imagine a wonderful world where Sean Spicer’s press conferences were festooned with the word. Reporters could call it on Spicer’s answers, and Spicer could rest his brain sometimes by answering, “I can’t think of an answer, so just pretend I spun some bullshit.” or “I would tell you, but it would just be more bullshit.”

We need to stop apologizing for Kathy Griffin exercising her right to free speech with a humorous image of her holding Trump’s head aloft. She’s a comedian, a New Year’s Eve host, and for the Secret Service to harass her over her obvious satire is just beyond stupid.

As Vox has recently pointed out a couple months ago, comedians are how you get a fix on the news:

A low tolerance for “bullshit!” I told you that was a handy word!

Sorry, guys, but no Liberal Democrat has crossed any line since Anthony Weiner. And we need to push that line 100x harder. We have the greatest Democracy in the world now crumbling beneath a hostile takeover by treasonous Fascists colluding with a nation with eyes on world domination. We need to fight it, and we must win at all costs. That’s worth a few photos of Trump’s head and yes, a few self-directed, non-attacking uses of the word “nigger.” But if you still cringe at that word, Dr. Lenny Bruce is here with the prescription that will cure you:

Watch this video once per day. All tense reactions to racial epithets used out of any context of racism will quickly disappear.


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