Republicans Have Set The US Up For Another Hurricane Katrina

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Is there nothing that a Republican can’t make worse? Well, natural disasters get worse if our agencies can’t handle them. And right now, slack Republican oversight in emergency preparedness has virtually stripped our country of its defenses against natural disaster. We’re sitting ducks for the next big hurricane; there is no leader for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Of course, this gets even better! Global climate change does worsen hurricanes, and we all know a certain Paris agreement that Trump just pulled us out of. In Trump’s various administrative attacks on science itself, he’s particularly targeted anything to do with meteorology.

To use the obvious metaphor, Trump has created “the perfect storm” for a weather disaster to strike the US this hurricane season. Now, when George W. Bush mismanaged the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Republicans were quick to ridicule Democrats’ criticism of Bush’s sloppy crisis management, making it sound like we were blaming Bush for a hurricane. That’s not the point; hurricanes happen, but our disaster preparedness and response system makes the difference between a minor inconvenience and the extensive loss of lives and property.

Imagine if you were elected mayor of your town, and you fired all the firefighters and shut down all the fire departments. When the next fire hits, instead of being contained quickly, it just spreads until it burns the whole city down. Even though the fire was nobody’s “fault,” you are still directly responsible for the lost lives and property damage. That’s what the Trump administration has just done to our hurricane preparedness system.

Atlantic hurricane season just started, and our game of chicken with Mother Nature begins. Happy summer!


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