Jared Kushner’s Massive Debt Points To Motive Behind Russian Collusion

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One of the startling myths crumbling in the wake of the Trump dynasty is that the Trumps were unconventionally rich. It’s turning out more that they moved lots of laundered money around in order to appear rich. For Jared Kushner’s part, he’s turning out to be a chip off daddy-in-law’s old block.

Kushner’s Manhattan investment, 666 Fifth Avenue, is supposed to be $1.3 billion under water, according to an ABC News real estate analyst. That’s just one of the threads being pieced together in the investigation into Kushner’s financials. That desperation in Kushner’s situation does explain a lot about why Kushner sought help from Sergei Gorkov, head of VEB bank.

Gorkov, you see, is no ordinary banker. Gorkov is connected with Putin, has worked as a spy, and his bank was already sanctioned by the US and EU as far back as 2014 for its role in the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. Putin himself appointed Gorkov head of the VEB (Vnesheconombank) bank in February 2016. VEB is Putin’s “pet bank”, which serves as “an off-the-books kitty that allows President Vladimir Putin to reward his allies and shower money on his pet projects and political priorities.”

Kushner, like Trump, can’t seem to run a real estate business right and isn’t that much better at sneaky Russian mobster deals without getting caught. It’s all coming together to make everyone wonder if the Trump dynasty ever earned an honest dime in their entire lives.


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