Clean Energy Is Here, All We Need Is The Politicians To Support It

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Buried behind Truxit (Trump exiting Paris) news and all the fuss over global climate change is the good news nobody knows: Clean energy has arrived! Not only have we made leaps and bounds in solar and wind power, not only have we perfected the science of storing power for later use or even transport, but the cost is now down to be comparable to fossil fuels power – and even cheaper!

Plain solar power is typically augmented by storage capacity. The new buzzword is “solar plus storage,” which is factored into the total cost. As the Motley Fool article puts it: “If a unit of solar energy can be produced and stored for less than the cost to produce energy from any other energy source, there’s nothing stopping solar growth.”

In the midst of Republican skepticism over climate change, amid all this hub-bub over going back to coal and laying pipelines, with America pulling out of the Paris agreement! And to have it turn out that solar power is not only cleaner and well within US capabilities right now, but CHEAPER TOO!

Of course, we’re going to be grappling with established fossil-fuel-based energy companies about this for a long time. Apparently the robber barons will keep the US in the Dark Ages until the last lump of brown, ashy coal gets inhaled into our croaking lungs.

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