“A Russian Under Every Rock” Says CNN

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The Watergate question was “What did he know and when did he know it?” In Russiagate, the question is “Where the hell are all these Russians coming from?”

Putin is the guy we’d all really like to just shut up right now. He keeps throwing gas on the fire every day, and our news media keeps gobbling it up. But Putin, like Trump, digs himself into deeper trouble with everything he says, and he’s only half an IQ point smarter than Trump out of the gate, so perhaps it’s tolerable.

Richard Clarke, a top counter-terrorism expert, utters the defining question of the Trump administration: “Why is there a Russian under every rock? Why is there a Russian involved in everything this administration has done and everything involved in the campaign?”

So far, here’s everybody we have in the Trump administration who met or did business with Russian agents, on Mother Jones’ list. We’re already well familiar with the old hat names of Flynn, Kushner, Manafort, Sessions, and so on, but even beyond the headline news, there’s yet more Russian elbow-rubbing!

How about Ivanka Trump, cozy friends with Dasha Zhukova, the wife of Russian oligarch and Putin ally Roman Abramovich? How about Rex Tillerson, whom Putin awarded the Russian Order of Friendship while working in Russia? How about Trump advisor J.D. Gordon, who also met with Kislyak? How about Rick Gates, Manafort’s assistant, who also was involved in big money deals with Russian oligarchs?

The list just keeps going and going! If we ignored all the top names in the Trump cabinet that take the headlines day after day, we could restock with three more rows of Trump-connected Russian colluders whose names haven’t been on CNN yet!

We literally have a “Russian under every rock!” No amount of bullshitting from either Trump or Putin can account for the hundreds of people and billions of dollars buzzing between them.

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