Were We Supposed To Take Steve Bannon Seriously?

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All along the Trump White House saga, Steve Bannon’s path has been like that background character in movies, where he’s maybe a support personnel at base or the love interest of the sidekick, but really only has a couple scenes and you can’t remember who played him. But the media keeps picking at him like an old scab.

Especially MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough seems to have made Steve Bannon his personal hobby. Scarborough has previously claimed that Bannon was behind Trump’s Truxit (pulling out of Paris agreement) announcement. And now he has an even busier theory:

He says Steve Bannon is the leaker behind the Kushner revelations. He gets loud about it, it shows he’s hooked on his own theory.

Honestly, there may be something to the Bannon vs. Kushner rivalry narrative that’s been cooking in the media, or there might not be. But we have to be careful not to assign too many IQ points to any of these people. We already know Trump and Kushner are dumb as bricks. The question is, how smart is Bannon, is he really the behind-the-scenes Svengali the media makes him out to be, and is he really able to pull off this covert backstabbing plan to get rid of Kushner?

In the first place, if leaking bad press about Kushner is Bannon’s plan, it’s a stupid plan. The revelation of Kushner seeking back-channel communications with Moscow during Trump’s transition damages the entire stadium to hinder one player.

In the second place, this is Steve Bannon, founder of FriedFart News, the news website wedged between Drudge Report and Alex Jones’ rantings on the incredibility scale. These are the guys behind the ACORN conspiracy theory, the Obama-Muslim conspiracy theory, and the hysterical crock of bull that is the Pizzagate cult. That does make an argument that no matter how goofy a plan is, Bannon would try it. But it also makes the argument that Bannon is not slick enough to pull off a coup of Kushner right under Trump’s nose.

Given the circus that is the House of Trump, we can’t say nothing’s impossible. But I still think the person manipulating things is the big, obvious guy over in Moscow who’s taken to the news daily lately to gloat about it. Besides, if the source of the Kushner revelations were Steve Bannon, would you have immediately plastered it all over the news?

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