Russiagate: The Plot Thickens

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Amid all the outrage, outcries, and outstanding speeches made in the wake of Truxit (Trump’s exit from the Paris deal, we told you to pass it around), the Russiagate investigation conglomerate saw some new wrinkles.

Slate has a run-down. Briefly:

  • The FBI probe now headed by Robert Mueller is returning to Michael Flynn and his Turkey activities. No major surprise.
  • In the Kushner-Russia saga, the banker Kushner was talking to says it was about helping Kushner with a real estate loan, while the White House says it was for diplomatic reasons. Uh oh, they’re both telling different stories! Book ‘em, Dano!
  • It’s also coming out that Trumpage wanted to lift Russia sanctions from his very first day in office, but was blocked by the wheels of bureaucracy.

…and thank God for those wheels! James Comey is scheduled to testify at last before the Senate on June 8th, the first time since he got axed by Trump. There’s been some open speculation – most of all by KellayAnne Conway wasting way more oxygen than she has a right to breathe – that Trump could attempt to block Comey’s testimony.

The problem with that idea is that Trump already blew his executive privilege when he publicly tweeted about the incident, wrote letters about it, and gossiped about it with his two Russian gimp chums. Don’t you love it when Trump gets hung by his own stupidity? I’m telling you guys, egg him on! Encourage Trump to tweet more! Every tweet he posts takes three days off the time he’ll remain in office.

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