Michael Bloomberg Pegged Trump Way Back In July 2016

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We know that “told you so” posts about Donald Trump are a dime a dozen, but when Michael Bloomberg told you so about Donald Trump a year ago, he called the shot closer than just about anybody else. Bloomberg slipped into the news recently pledging $15 million as a private citizen to donate to the Paris climate agreement. Yes, out of his own pocket, because he wants to.

Here was Bloomberg at the DNC Clinton rally:

As one businessman to another, Bloomberg tears down Trump, line by line. The full write-up at Fortune magazine details Bloomberg’s comments on Donald Trump. Some of this is still not well known even today. Does it ever come up that Trump has been the defendant in a whopping 3500 lawsuits? That his bankruptcies include a casino? Stop and think about that: A casino, the one business where people literally give you money for nothing. And he managed to bankrupt it, that’s how lousy a businessman he is.

That’s also how Trump (and Kushner, come to that) ended up so destitute that he would take Russian mob money when everybody else was too smart to touch it.

The biggest lie of Donald Trump, the prime mover that’s the foundation for all the lies on top of it, is that he was successful or even that he was ever all that rich. He built a reality TV franchise on this lie. Donald Trump is, as Michael Bloomberg put it, a con man, who desperately has to maintain the illusion of fabulous wealth like an Amway salesman. It sold him in showbiz for years, and now a whole lot of Americans voted based on that lie too.

It’s the one promise he’s kept most faithfully: He is indeed running the White House like he ran his business. Like a dumpster fire.

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