June 3rd Is The March For Truth

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March for truth! While you’re at it and since we already had to march for science, march for justice and the AMERICAN (non-Russian) way! Wikipedia has a little guide for it, though who knows how long the editors will leave that up. Here’s the main page at

The March For Truth is the one where we let Washington know that we’re damned impatient waiting to find out the answer to all these mysteries surrounding Russiagate. We’re there to show, contrary to the FOX Lies factory, that we really DO want to see Trump’s tax returns and hear Senate Intelligence testimony from James Comey and see a special independent counsel to investigate the Russiagate conspirators and all the rest. This is, basically, your opportunity to demand impeachment investigations.

And just for once, this is one cause where we’re already winning a little bit. The media and half the government agree there’s something fishy in the Trump administration that reeks like a cart of moldy cod. They wouldn’t have had all these subpoenas and investigations underway already if nobody supported it. So this is also your chance to show your solidarity with the hardworking folk in the intelligence community, and those hard-working judges on the bench who have so far been the only thing to stand between Trump and a Fascist take-over.

Don’t forget to commemorate our heroes, Sally Yates, Preet Bharara, and James Comey. These were innocent people within the US justice system who lost their jobs because a corrupt treasoner wanted them out of the way. Trump obviously fired these people because he thought that would get rid of them – could we carry a few banners with their faces up front to haunt him?

Here’s the Facebook community. See you all there – and we’re counting on it!

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