Is Donald Trump The Most Hated Person In History? Part 4

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We’re getting tired of it ourselves. And we’re a Liberal news site, and the self-appointed “alt-left” at that; we should be dancing a jig that Trump is the global focus of all the world’s hate. But there’s only so much we can stand to see without action. And right now, everybody’s too busy reacting to do anything else. That’s literally the whole front page of the news this week: World to Trump: “GARAWRGGGHHH!”

Corporations are united in outcry against Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, including Shell, Exxon-Mobil, and Dow Chemical – which you would think would be three of the companies in least agreement with the Paris accord.

Here’s another nine reactions to Trump’s Paris-Pullout:

At this point, maybe we need a special word to commemorate the event we have all just witnessed. The British exit from the European Union was called “Brexit,” and why do the British get all the cool jargon? From here on out, we will refer to Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris international climate agreement as “Truxit.” There, isn’t that tidy?

So, is Donald Trump the most hated person in history? Or does Adolf Hitler still get that honor? Here is “Hitler” showing up to defend himself from comparisons between him and Donald Trump…

Ahem, we report, you decide. This isn’t even reality anymore.


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