Donald Trump Has A Long History Of Getting Away With Fraud

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Time and again, Donald Trump’s lucky dice have rolled seven and bailed him out of trouble when he was on the brink of going to jail. A detailed, well-researched write-up illustrates five past instances where Trump, as a private citizen, could have been arrested for fraudulent practices but didn’t.

On topic are Trump’s Atlantic City casino adventures, a minor sales-tax dodge, sales of Trump Tower units to organized crime affiliates, the ongoing money laundering around Trump Taj Mahal, and the fraud at Trump University. It’s bizarre how often Trump has managed to slime his way through the cracks in the justice system. As we recently posted, Trump’s mob ties are so extensive that Justice Department officials can’t reveal everything they know about Trump, for fear of risking informants into the mob in ongoing investigations lasting decades.

The further we go into how Trump has worked the system, the more apparent it becomes that our laws and methods of justice in America need updating. While the US Constitution has proven solid, there is one glaring failure of foresight in it: It failed to account for the speed of modern life. The thing is, criminals can commit fraud and cover their tracks in seconds now before cops get a whiff of what’s going on. The Constitution never envisioned how an individual can hop a jet and be across the country in a couple hours. Or how money can flow in and out of the country in the electronic banking system. Or how our modern conveniences also enable scams and fraud on a scale that simply wasn’t possible centuries ago.

When US Intel / Sec / Justice branches try to beef up laws so they can stop crime faster, the Internet unites to cry out against “invasion of privacy.” But there are no easy solutions to this problem; it may be that we have to deal with some privacy exposure for all of us, or have criminals run rampant.


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