Come On Trump, Take The Comey Bait! You Know You Want It!

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Donald Trump will not attempt to block James Comey from testifying. We hate it when Trump comes down with a sudden case of common sense. The decision is stated in a report that comes from two senior WH officials, so there’s no denying it. Former and now fired FBI Director James Comey is going to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 8 about how Trump tried to obstruct his serving of justice, and Trump’s not going to try to do anything about it.

Nope, nothing. No more obstructions, intimidations, or pratfall stunts. Not a peep.

Come on Trump! The phone’s right there! Tweet something! Threaten him with more phantom tapes. You know you want to, Trump! Let the Tweetorade flow through you! What, are you chickeeeeen?

Because this is all about a president who has obstructed justice countless times, and now it’s his last chance to obstruct justice before the ax falls. Why are we even pretending there’s suspense? If you put a starving Homer Simpson in a room with a donut, you know it’s only a matter of time.

There’s so many ways Trump could screw himself here! Any attempt to stop Comey from testifying will be further obstruction of justice. He could claim grounds of “executive privilege,” but he already blew that away by – duh, stupid! – blabbing on Twitter, to an interview on TV, two visiting Russians in the Oval Office, and that public dismissal letter he shared. He could claim that conversations with Comey were classified. But they’re not, and false classification is itself an obstruction charge.

Then there’s the direct route. For Comey’s sake (and oh, yeah, the world’s) we hope he has the sense to stay far away from any fourth-floor windows. Trump is tied to not only Russians, but some pretty rough characters by Russian standards. We already have a trail of dead Russians since Trump took office. It’s not impossible that Trump could try to ask Putin for a favor for a change.

We know those wheels are turning. Trump always delivers.

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