CEOs Turn Against Donald Trump: What Took Them So Long?

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Ever since Truxit*, CEOs of corporate America have been pulling away from Donald Trump. Congratulations, CEOs! Now that the boiling frog has sensed at the last moment that he’s about to become dinner and leaped out at the last possible second, may we ask of the frog: What the hell was your first clue?

October, 2016: “President-elect Donald Trump doesn’t believe in climate change.”

November 2016: “Trump seeking quickest way to quit Paris climate agreement, says report”

December 2016: “Donald Trump says ‘nobody really knows’ if climate change is real”

Donald Trump started brewing that pot of coffee sixteen months ago, at least! Thank you for FINALLY waking up and smelling it!

For that matter, what CEO in their right mind would ever trust a Republican in office anywhere again? The second-greatest lie Republicans ever told is that they’re the “pro-business” party. Look at the economy under Bill Clinton: Staggering economic growth, creation of whole industries, a budget surplus! Look at the economy under GWB: From the stock market crash in 2001 to the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007 which gave us the Great Recession, what part of “disaster” doesn’t describe it? Now look at the economy under Obama: Starting with that mess he was handed, he pulled us back out of the economic pits and ended up his two terms with a record recovery. Trump has inherited a booming market, with robust stocks and low unemployment. Watch how long it takes him to crash it!

As Obama just pointed out, the Paris agreement created jobs in the US with a crop of new industries popping up. Incidentally, Paris agreement members are favorable trading partners internationally.

Need we go further? Have we mentioned “Reaganomics” in this post yet?

Every time it’s like this, CEOs. You get a Republican in office and then come back later going “duh-hur, that didn’t work!” When will you ever learn?

* Around Little Guy Liberal, we refer to Trump’s exit of the Paris climate agreement as “Truxit.”


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