Trump Gives Putin Houses, Because He’s Just Putin’s Bitch

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It’s like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Putin wills it, and possessed zombie Trump arises from his throne “yeeeees, maaaaaster…”

Once upon a time, there were two Russian embassy retreats, in New York and Maryland. Obama found out about Russian espionage before he left office and closed those two retreats down, because harboring known spies in your country is a bad thing. Trump comes to office, and now he’s giving Putin back those two retreats.

The compounds were originally just intended to be hospitable guest homes for visiting Russians, but Obama discovered they were “used by Russian personnel for intelligence-related purposes.” Obama also expelled 35 Russian intelligence operatives at the same time as shutting these locations down.

But Trump is hurrying to fulfill His Excellency’s request, undoing the justified sanction against Russian spies collaborating with American traitors.

Nothing is too good for our majesty, King Putin! We’re sure that America’s nuclear arsenal is at Putin’s disposal, to launch at his pleasure too.

It’s starting to become apparent that we’re after the wrong guy. We need to impeach Vlad the Putin first, then work our way down the chain of command.

Speaking of Lawrence O’Donnell, he has an awfully good name for the Trump administration…

“A Confederacy of Dunces”! If only our present situation were as funny as that comedy classic.

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