Treasonous Devin Nunes Forces House Subpoenas Of “Unmaskers”

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The House Intelligence Committee is finally stepping up to do its job, sluggishly, and only half-way. But it appears a few Republicans there are still sticking to dragging their feet. Of the seven subpoenas issued Wednesday, only four were actually related to the ongoing Russiagate treason while three of them were directed at the “unmaskers” who revealed the conspirators in the first place!

This is the continued attempt by Republicans to sabotage our rightful discovery of Russian control of the United States Democracy. They’re jumping on the investigation before it’s even gotten off the ground by trying to make it about the investigators!

The Republicans’ justification for the “unmasking” subpoenas is to find out “if any of those requests were politically motivated.” Since treason against the United States is a federal crime punishable by death across all party lines, we’re going to go with “Duh, no!” on that one. The Russiagate scandal would be a scandal with criminal charges behind it regardless of the party or parties of the people involved.

But it tells us that the attempts to stall the investigation from inside the House are, indeed, “politically motivated.” Representative Devin Nunes (R-Cal) was behind the unmasking subpoenas sent to the FBI, CIA, and the NSA. That Nunes would make partisan accusations within the Russiagate scandal is the ultimate in hypocrisy, as it was his earlier interference that caused him to “recuse himself” from Russiagate due to his deliberate sabotage, but as Jeff Sessions already showed us, a voluntary “recusal” is worth the hot air it’s not printed on.

Furthermore, Nunes broke House rules by issuing this static; he may only issue subpoenas with the consultation of all parties in the House, which did not happen.

All of which points out Devin Nunes as a special breed of window-licking stupid! Who in their right minds would look at how much hot water the Russiagate conspirators are in now and say “Yeah, I’m gonna stick my neck out for those guys!”

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