Startling Revelations Of Trump’s Deep Russian Mob Ties

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WhoWhatWhy has an incredibly in-depth read which is an expose of Trump’s deep Russia Mafia ties. For those of you frustrated with the apparent snails’ pace of the Russiagate investigation, you do have at least one explanation for why: Trump isn’t their only interest.

Simply put, there’s only so much information the various agencies can release to the public about Trump’s ties with Russia, because so many of those ties run through Russian Mafia channels. There is already a high-value, long-running FBI operation against the organized crime network headquartered in Russia. This has been going on for far longer than we’ve even known Trump as a presidential candidate.

As the expose has it, the FBI has had Trump Tower in its sights for three decades! That means they’ve been watching Trump since before the Clinton administration, and tracking the comings and goings of underworld characters as long, some of them highly valued, vulnerable informants. Felix Sater is one example of an informant member of the Russian mob, but that’s just one we know of. There are many more like him, but we can’t risk “burning” them publicly.

From what intelligence agencies are able to disclose, however, we still have plenty. But when people like James Comey say that they can’t discuss further details on some point when they’re testifying, this is why.

Speaking of which, Comey has a date set now: June 8. Mark your calendars, it’s gonna be crunk!

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