Is Donald Trump The Most Hated Person In History? Part 3

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In the continued backlash against Trump, many within the United States are “going rogue.”

The states of California, Washington, and Nevada have announced that they’re independently backing the Paris climate agreement no matter what Donald Trump says. It’s not too late to call your governor or representative to urge your state to do the same! Remember that just because the federal government is going to hell in a handbasket, that doesn’t mean your state isn’t independent. That’s why it’s a “United States.”

Despite Trump citing he was pulling out of the Paris climate change agreement because of “Pittsburgh,” the Mayor of Pittsburgh himself has sharply objected, saying he will support the Paris agreement anyway.

By the way, can everybody please pay attention to the part in Trump’s speech where he makes a long pause before saying “the citizens of Pittsburgh?” That’s the part where he was trying not to say “Putin”: “I was elected to represent… (Putin, no wait, I mean Putin, uh, no, don’t say it out loud, Putin Putin don’t say it, think of a city…) the citizens of Pittsburgh!”

The leaders of France, Germany, and Italy all fired back at Trump saying the Paris deal will not be re-negotiated. The United States already had a far fairer shake in the agreement than virtually anybody on the planet. All we had to do was pay in $3 billion; we spend that much on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago vacations in a year. It is not only wrong, but impossible, to ask every other nation in the entire world save two to make extra sacrifices and tear apart a worldwide pact and start over just because the US’s role wasn’t feathered enough.

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