Is Donald Trump The Most Hated Person In History? Part 2

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Dan Rather says “History will punish Donald Trump” for leaving the Paris climate deal. History is already doing that, but the problem is Trump is a psychopath. Psychopaths care nothing about punishment, which is why they immediately re-offend as soon as they get out of jail.

And CNN adds “Trump’s stupidity on climate change will galvanize environmentalists.” That’s all well and good, but environmentalists were pretty much galvanized against anybody but Jill Stein in the first place, and again, Trump doesn’t care beans about what environmentalists think, not to mention CNN calling him “stupid.”

The BBC reports “global dismay” at Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord. Mind-bendingly enough, some of the countries in opposition to Trump are China, which urged Trump to stay with the accord, and Russia, which will still stick with the accord anyway even though Putin’s puppet strings control Trump’s mouth.

It’s time to face the reality that our Constitutional protections were not prepared to handle a power-crazed madman. Trump just wants to blow the world up, and nothing is stopping him. The delegate system failed to stop him. The Constitution has failed to stop him. Impeachment efforts are taking forever. Our system is designed with checks and balances, true, but those are designed to temper a normal, rational human being who happens to be making incorrect choices. Trump is the Godzilla that US Democracy was never built to handle. Indeed, few governments could have even anticipated a destructive psychopath like Trump.

Whatever can be done needs to be done on an emergency basis now. That can come from inside or outside the United States, it doesn’t matter. The rest of the world has all but declared war on the US already; so we might all be a lot more galvanized than we’d expected.

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