Is Donald Trump The Most Hated Person In History? Part 1

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Well, nobody’s laughing over silly mis-tweeted Trump typos now. And yes, we know the famous garbled late-night text Trump made. We have not typed it here once. And you can’t make us. Nyah nyah.

However we will note that since Trump dumped the international climate agreement, the exact headline “Trump To Planet: Drop Dead!” quotes and all has shown up on CNN, Yahoo News, Drudge Report, and Huffy Poo.We might be going out on a limb here, but we’ll opine that when Matt Drudge and Ariana Huffington agree on something, we’re all peeper-deep in doodoo.

The San Diego Tribune carries more news reactions.

The good news is that it will take the United States about four years to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, which just might be enough time for the country to get its act together. Republicans are pretty smug right now; however, withdrawing from the Paris Agreement has long-time economic repercussions. Other countries are already protesting with their wallets; the US is no longer a favorable trading partner. Big business lobbied Trump to stop the withdrawal, and now several CEOs have abandoned the supposedly “good for business” party. The US Trade Deficit is already as high as it’s ever been in years.

A Wall Street crash is inevitable now. That will be what it takes to turn everything around. Sadly, cash is the only language Republicans ever seem to understand.

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