The Twitter Rumor Mill Thinks Trump And / Or WH Staff Considering Resigning

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Ugh, we really hate to pump Twitter rumors around, but the merest idea is just so damn happy that we’ll close our eyes and pretend to believe, even if only for a second. Bask, readers, and sleep in happy dreams.

Claude Taylor – who has updated his Twitter profile to sound more authoritative – says Trump is considering options “including resignation.” Meanwhile…

WWR quotes former RNC chairman Michael Steele that “Trump will not finish his term.” Even if it’s a shared chat over hamburgers, we’ll treat this one with a bit more seriousness. Steele (not the Dossier Steele) has some media chops, some expertise in the matter, and has also uttered a prophecy which was almost a dead certainty even without his say-so.

Who could conceive that Trump will fill out four years like this? In less than five months, his presidency has been the most spectacular crash, burn, and explosion in world history. If Trump finished out his term by running to the top of Trump Tower and taking a flying leap off the roof while naked and screaming, pundits would debate for weeks whether that qualified as the craziest thing he’d ever done. By all reports, Trump is practically in a nervous breakdown after four months. Four years, you gotta be kidding me!

As for Claude Taylor’s crack about resigning, that’s a hell of a stretch. Even if it’s true, it’s only one of many options being “considered.” There have been many people out there who have guessed that Trump’s most likely path is to resign. The present author isn’t of that opinion. Trump is too stubborn. I think he’ll go down guns blazing until the last bullet. We’ll see who’s right.

Finally we have:

A Dem Chairman says word around the campfire is that a few Trump staffers might quit and cash in a book deal. Good work, if they do. they deserve it. Honestly, we should take up a fund for their therapy.


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