Sessions Also Caught Lying About Russia Contacts – Senate Calls For Resignation!

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For those of you who, frankly, didn’t want a sheet-headed, cross-burnin’, plantation-ownin’ KKK dragon wizard as your Attorney General, buck up, we have some good news!

Jeff Sessions is deemed to have perjured himself before the Senate in testimony. Democrat Senators Patrick Leahy and Al Franken requested the FBI investigate Sessions himself for his previous meetings with Russian ambassador Kislyak. Note, this isn’t the meeting which was already noted and led to Sessions claiming he’d recuse himself from the Russiagate investigations – this is several further meetings Sessions had, which he hasn’t come clean about before.

Russia Russia Russia!

Speaking of FBI investigations – and the Senate – Those two will come together on June 8th, when axed FBI Director James Comey will re-appear from the cornfield where Trump banished him to finally testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Not only will he most likely have damning testimony that will terminate Trump with extreme prejudice, but he might be able to answer a few of those questions they had about Sessions before he had to leave so abruptly.

And speaking of Jeff Sessions, apparently he refuses to file charges against criminals – when they happen to be banker buddies of his!

Mark that calender June 8th. We’ll dance the night away.

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