Paris Climate Agreement: Trump Hates The World, World Hates Trump

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Donald Trump just doesn’t feel like he’s made enough enemies yet. He tries and he tries, but enough people still don’t hate him. So on June 1st he did exactly what he’s been saying he’d do and shut down the Paris Climate Agreenment.

To say there’s outrage against this decision would be like saying Trump was mildly critical of Clinton during the campaign.

Let’s start with The Week. Not only does The Week say this is dumb, but Trump doesn’t gain anything by it. Ah, but Russia does! Specifically, Putin gets to move those oil tankers into the slushy Arctic zone.

Hours before Trump’s announcement, WaPo warned pulling out of Paris leaves the US lost in the wilderness.

And even the corporations are on our side on this one: 28 US corporations wanted the US to stick with the Paris deal. Even volunteer advisor Elon Musk personally told Trump he’s through if Trump axes the Paris deal.

But to HELL with what anybody else wants! If your name isn’t “Vladimir Putin,” you can KISS TRUMP’S ASS, because this is Putin’s government and it does whatever Putin wants!

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