Nearly Half Of America Wants Trump Impeachment To Start Right NOW

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The latest Politico poll has support for Trump’s impeachment at 43% of all voters. Interestingly, not all the voters in this poll believe Trump is guilty of an impeachable offense, specifically, but still believe that he “has proven he is unfit to serve and should be removed from office, regardless of whether he committed an impeachable offense or not.”

On the Republican side, 75% of his own party still supports Trump, without much change showing from previous polls. While that seems like a considerable majority, it’s actually a pretty bad indicator in itself; a president’s own party usually shows an approval rating of 85% or higher.

Other ratings also show that voters are skeptical of Trump’s ability to do something about Israel/ Palestine, and didn’t seem too impressed with Trump’s foreign trip. Trump’s overall approval rating has crawled back from 41% to 45% since last week, showing about 4% of Americans are impressed when you have your picture taken standing next to the Pope.

But the big news is the calls for impeachment. Never in American history have this many called out for a president to be removed from office this soon. Richard Nixon, our gold standard for failed presidents, never saw his approval rating drop below 50% for his first two years in office.


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