It Was All About Letting Putin Drill The Arctic For Oil

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“Drill, baby, drill!” was the rallying cry of 2008 Republicans led by the meth-chipmunk Sarah Palin. But it might as well have been TrumPutin’s battle cry as well, because that’s just what their plan was all along. Putin is more ready than ever to blast through the Arctic ice shelf to get at the petroleum there, and Trump is only too happy to assist.

Vlad the Putin has long been the pack leader of climate change skeptics – but as we pointed out back here, those “skeptics” may actually believe every word of global warming science and want it to happen anyway.

Putin has said as much, saying he looks forward to the Arctic melting away so he has more room to drill. When American Republican idiots oppose climate science, Putin encourages that with a smile. Trump has positively stocked his cabinet with these pro-global-warming types, all of them mentally challenged dupes like Rick “pray for rain” Perry.

So here we are, with TrumPutin ready to literally destroy planet Earth just to make a few quick bucks. Everybody is OK with that, right? Oh, you don’t follow that politics stuff? yes, this isn’t an important enough problem to warrant your attention. back to your Candy Crush!

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