In Like Flynn: Michael Flynn May Finally Comply With Subpoenas

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The long story of the House and Senate, and the Russiagate conspirators, has been a near-constant chess match between two wildly varied talents. One by one, the Kremlin Gremlins get subpoenaed. One by one, all of them try to dodge and dance and squirm out of it. And each time, the House and Senate go, no, really, we mean it, we’re subpoenaing these documents and we’ll get them if we have to cut them out of your hide. And the Kremlin Gremlins finally crack, one by one.

Michael Flynn, allegedly, he says, is finally going to comply with the Senate Intelligence Committee and shit some documents, starting on June 6th. After all this time and all his shifty maneuvers, including pleading the fifth earlier this month, this is finally going to happen. The breaking point came when the Senate fired right back saying “Fine, we’ll subpoena your businesses instead. THEY can’t plead the fifth!”

Yeah, so he has to comply anyway. Which means Michael Flynn could very well be locked up himself! Remember, “pleading the fifth” means that you don’t want to testify because you might be incriminating yourself; by pleading the fifth amendment in response to the Senate subpoena, Michael Flynn was effectively saying “No, because there’s stuff in there I could get in trouble for.” Well, in just a week from now, we will all finally know what that is! As for theories as to why Flynn is cracking after all this time, we’ll go with (C) “he’s screwed either way.”


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