How Dumb Is Donny?

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The title question is a call-back to the 1990s, when the media was asking “How dumb is Danny?” concerning vice president Dan Quayle under the H.W. Bush administration. Quayle at the time was famous for his verbal gaffes and silly analogies; the media took special joy in ridiculing him.

It’s been a long time now, and it turns out the Republican gene pool has challenges with the issue heretofore unappreciated. From Dan Quayle to George W. Bush was a further step down; Bush said some incredibly stupid things in his time and every week we had a new “Bushism” to giggle about. By the time we got to Sarah Palin, who sounds mostly like five personalities fighting for control of her mouth every time she utters a sentence, we thought we’d gotten to the bottom at last.

But boy howdy, how wrong we were! WaPo now scores Donald Trump at the bottom of the class. Among the cited examples are his complete failures to understand basic facts of his own job, his aversion to learning just about anything, and his staggeringly naive decisions like giving out his cell phone number to people all over the world or making a loud, repeated promise to build a WALL.

Beyond all his other faults (many books will be written), Trump is just plain dumb as a box of hammers, and it’s so painfully obvious that nobody bothers to defend that part. You may hear his apologists defend his policies and his actions, but you will never hear even his staunchest ally defend Donald Trump’s intelligence.

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