Guardian Looks To Bilderbergs To Rescue Us From Trump

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Just for a bit of flavor, if you tap on the topic “Bilderberg Group” in Google Play’s news reader, it shows you related topics: Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, and Freemasonry. Yes, we’re in cloud cuckoo land now.

Anyway, that puts us right in The Guardian’s demographic, so here we go with the Bilderberg Group, which is going to meet for a summit in Chantilly, Virginia, this week. The top of their agenda is titled “The Trump administration: a progress report.”

The Guardian makes lots of nose-snorting giggle noises about how the Bilderbergs are going to do something nebulous and unpleasant to Trump. We have to mark our ballot ‘skeptic’ for this forecast. If the Bilderbergs were going to do something about Trump, they would have done it years ago. They’ve had ample opportunity.

Let’s face it, if the Bilderbergs were really this shadowy organization that had puppet strings all over the world controlling everything, things would be running a hell of a lot more smoothly that they are now. For that matter, the Bilderbergs would have seen to it that Hillary Clinton won. She’d be a million miles easier for them to predict, at least. The Bilderbergs either have no real power or else Trump just isn’t in their jurisdiction.

The leader of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, is slated to attend, and since Trump’s pissed all over NATO lately, he might finally be in their jurisdiction. But once again, any dumb rock in the yard could have figured out that Trump wouldn’t be friendly to NATO way back when Trump was grabbing beauty pageant contestants, so whatever brains and power the Bilderbergs harbor, they’re certainly not impressing anybody with it.

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