“Arrest. Kushner. Now.”

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Keith Olbermann has dug up an applicable US penal code statute pertaining to espionage which fits Jared Kushner like a glove:

Jared Kushner has certainly gotten himself into way more hot water than he ever knew was possible. Kushner is not only in dutch for beseeching Ambassador Kislyak for a private, secure, secret line to the Kremlin. He’s also firmly implicated in association with Michael Flynn’s escapades, and central to the Russiagate investigations into half of Trump’s cabinet.

Sean Spicer is back from vacation and almost-but-not meeting the Pope, and he’s right up front sucking up the bullets over Kushner:

You know, we need to go easier on Spicer. He’s made it as clear as he can without getting fired that every lie he tells for Trump tastes like a dead rat in his mouth. He obviously cannot get a job after this one. He’s a wayward little munchkin who has sold himself to Satan and now has to stand up in public view as the brimstone flames lick his charred soul day by day.

Media talking heads have of course jumped all over Spicey for ducking Kushner questions, even on FOX:

But yes, Jared Kushner is guilty of just about everything you can be guilty of. There isn’t even a matter of needing to investigate further: His own admissions and the admissions of eyewitness testimony already convict him.

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