Trump’s Staff Shake-Up Begins – Mike Dubke Out

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It appears that Donald Trump is going through with his suicidal plan to fire off staff members. Trump, completely insulated from all rational thought, blames his staff for his troubled reign and never himself. White House Communications Director Mike Dubke is the first head to roll, with suggestions that the beleaguered Sean Spicer is next.

The problem will never go away, of course, because Trump is the problem, and he will never see it. Trump’s view of things is that he’s an innocent man who is the victim of conspiracies, “deep state” shadow government business, an “enemy of the people” media, and just about everything else up to Mars entering Jupiter’s fifth solar house.

Of course, Trump’s not about to fire the people who actually matter. He fires his communications team, because in his mind, the only way to fix his problems is to have someone tell the right lies for him.

Like every mad dictator in history, the position of working just under him is the most treacherous. As well as being bad at everything else, Trump is also a bad boss, constantly insulting and belittling everyone he talks to with no reason.

So he’s going to weed out the people who do the communicating for him, so he can do more of the communicating himself. Sure, that should work out kittens.

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