Trump And Sessions Also Guilty In Jared Kushner’s Treason

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A CIA official has commented recently on Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner’s actions in trying to set upo a secret spy line for himself and co-conspirators to talk to Russia directly. Philip Mudd, a security analyst with the CIA for 25 years, has stated that it’s unlikely that Kushner was acting on his own.

Instead, Kushner would have likely been operating under Trump’s own orders. After all, it doesn’t make sense even for someone with Kushner’s hubris to take the reins from his Godfather that quickly.

Meanwhile, Jeff Sessions has also come under scrutiny for the Russiagate-related incident. Like Kushner, Sessions was also setting up back-channel communications with Russia. Jeff Sessions has so far avoided his share of investigative scrutiny, and yet as the sitting Attorney General Sessions has so far had no consequence for his Russian collusion except to “recuse” himself from the Russiagate investigation, despite his having gone back on that weak stance in many cases.

This makes a total of four known, proven conspirators with Russia, all before Trump even took office. All four of them have already been caught having secret dealings with Russian officials when Trump had yet to assume the presidency. We should be careful not to let the Trump administration make a fall guy out of any one individual; they’re all in this together thick as thieves, and all of them should answer for their traitorous actions against the United States of America.

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