Nordic Prime Ministers Troll Trump In Eye Of Sauron Parady

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It’s a silly little statement with a serous point behind it. A group of Nordic leaders posed with a soccer ball in a photo meant to evoke Trump’s caressing of shiny balls in Saudi Arabia. But notwithstanding funny pictures, world leaders have been fed up with Trump, and some of them are even suggesting that the US could flip from ally to enemy under Trump.

We’re sure both Trump and Republicans are pleased as punch with the outcome. At this point in history, other countries which found themselves in the hands of a despotic madman would have stormed the palace and had his head in a basket by now. Not one Republican has yet come forward to criticize or condemn Trump’s single most threatening action to our safety, the alienation of America from the world. You do not run the world’s biggest military power while reducing your friends’ list to zero and get away with it.

America under Obama was a benevolent protector of freedom and democracy. America under Trump is a threat which needs to be taken out as soon as possible. Not only has Trump damaged the entire world’s peace by chopping off long-standing alliances, but he has also made it impossible for anyone to trust this country ever again. No matter how much ass Trump kisses in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the Philippines, China, or Russia, any one of them need only look at the fracturing of the G-7 to see that America can now be trusted as far as a rattlesnake.

Right now, the entire world feels less secure, and more endangered and uncertain, because of Donald Trump. And that’s just what he intended all along!

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