It Is Becoming Impossible To Call This Anything But A Russian Coup Of America

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Americans, does the sacrifice of any of the lives you just observed this past Memorial Day mean anything to you, or did all of them die for nothing?

Your country has been invaded! What say you? Are you ready to rise up to defend your home, or is having the Russian mob run things your idea of freedom? Do you still want a Democracy, or is a Russian-imposed Fascism fine with you? Do you still care if your voice matters in running this country, or are you just going to settle for whatever Putin wants?

Because Marshall over at Talking Points Memo has laid it out as plainly as possible: Trump works for Putin, not you. The how and why is a secondary concern; it has become abundantly clear that Trump, everyone in Trump’s administration, and every Republican who supported Trump want only what’s best for Russia first, and then some concern for Russia’s allies. America, to the Trump dictatorship, comes dead last.

This is the easiest invasion to repel. Putin has simply crept in through the back door, corrupting your government with his filthy money. To fight back, all you have to do is just care a little bit, and make your voice heard. It is sickening that the media is left to express shock and outrage at our disappearing Democracy while so many of you lie mute and supine. You all do a fine job yelling about 9/11 or a reporter getting beat up at a press conference; what about the franchising of your entire country?

Believe me, no matter how bad America has been to you, it’s nowhere near as bad as Russians have had it.

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