GOP Strategist Pronounces Trump’s Strategy Doomed To Fail

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Rick Wilson, a Republican strategist, provides us some of the pithiest insights into Trump’s house of cards we’ve seen in awhile. For those of you just joining us, Trump is so besieged by scandal that he’s setting up a “war room” within the White House. This group will be responsible for spin control on the news of the various investigations and accusations in Russiagate.

And his first pick? Corey Lewandowski, the guy Trump already fired from his campaign back when he was just a candidate. Lewandowski will be the George Jetson of the team, even though Trump campaign advisor Michael Caputo tweeted a picture of the Wicked Witch of the West upon Lewandowski’s firing…

…and Trump adviser Sam Nunberg said of Lewandowski that he’d like to “suck the blood out of his skull.” Doesn’t this sound like a cozy, happy staff to work together in sweet harmony? If you want to hire people to protect your butt, look no further than a gang who regularly express such sweet homilies to each other, especially ones you’ve fired before.

Wilson pronounces this “war room” a disaster, for pretty obvious reasons. Even with the best staff with the greatest morale, a war room is not the answer to heading off controversies. The answer is… are you ready for this? STOP DOING TREASONOUS AND/OR CRIMINAL STUFF!!!

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