If This Is The Best Republicans Can Do, Democrats Need Not Fear

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The overarching theme of the Trump administration so far has been a stinging lesson in Kafkaesque irony: They can’t get anything done! The Atlantic is the latest to point this out; they describe Trump as “torturing” Capitol Hill. But really, it’s the Republicans torturing themselves.

It’s not just that they’re in the place they’ve always wanted to be and yet can’t get anything to work as they’d expected. It’s that they treasonously back-stabbed and cheated and conned their way into power, and like the Ring of Mordor, their absolute power has corrupted them absolutely. That’s the problem with running a government like a third-rank organized crime family; the same kind of psychopaths who will do anything for their own gain are also the kind of people who are lousy to work with, and so can’t work with each other. This is what you get when you base your whole platform on hate.

Donald Trump is the Republicans’ Ring of Mordor. He’s a power-mad dictator who stopped at nothing to win, but once he’s won the top of the world, he’s still the same thug and doesn’t know how to stop. So his unquenchable thirst for world domination, with nowhere to go but down, now destroys the very foundation that holds him up. It’s actually a very old story, one you can find in many history books, if only the Republicans weren’t the anti-reading party.

At least they are the movie-watching party. One White House staffer compared the Republican party to “Reservoir Dogs,” where they all end up dead on the floor. Music to our ears!

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