Congress Talks Cold Turkey About Turkey

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One of the scandals we’ve barely had time to cover is the disastrous visit of Recip Erdogan to the United States as president Trump’s guest. During that visit, Erdogan’s bodyguards pummeled several protesters – these were US citizens on US soil, exercising their Constitutionally protected right to free assembly. All this happened with Erdogan and Trump beaming out the window together.

Trump has been unfailing in his Erdogan fandom. Despite the incident, Trump hasn’t uttered a single word of disagreement to roughing up US citizens, condoning it like it was what he wanted all along. Meanwhile, Erdogan has been a notorious tyrant in Turkey: Racism, racketeering, media censorship, election fraud, and bribery connections in the US have shadowed his every move since coming to power.

In a bipartisan move, Congress has at least come out against Erdogan. By unanimous vote, Congress issued a statement condemning the Turkish embassy incident, recommended Erdogan barred from the US, and demanded the expulsion of the Turkish ambassador. House Speaker Paul Ryan also issued his own statement calling Turkey’s actions “completely indefensible.”

Earlier in the month, the Senate pronounced a likewise judgment on Turkey, calling for State Secretary Rex Tillerson to likewise sanction Turkish authorities. And that’s just one part of the chorus of uproar that has risen from Turkey’s actions in general.

This is happy news for US Liberals. Not only does it show that Capitol Hill, Republican majority or not, will stick up for its citizens when its president will not, but it also drives one more wedge between the president and the legislators he’s counting on to not impeach him. It shows that there are lines too far for the legislature to cross, and Trump is crossing them.

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