BREAKING: Trump’s Own Lawyer Under Investigation, Refuses, Now Subpoenaed

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Well, that was a fast exchange of fire.

On Tuesday morning, the Senate announced that Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, was the new focus of its investigation into Russiagate. No sooner did that little tidbit hit the news than Cohen fired right back, saying he flat out refused to comply with the investigation. For a private lawyer serving in a civil capacity, you’d think he knew better than to be such an arrogant little snot about the Senate.

So the Senate committee fired off a subpoena in immediate response. So Cohen can now be a good little compliant soldier, or be on the lam from the law, his choice. The way the Russiagate investigation has been going so far, it seems you have to run these people down with a SWAT team just to get them to acknowledge that law and order is a thing at all.

Which also begs the question: If these people are so innocent, why don’t they cooperate with investigations? When you’re innocent and an investigator comes by to inquire about some matter, you don’t obstruct them. You happily comply and invite them to be as thorough as possible, the better to get this unfortunate business behind the both of you.

Trump’s lawyer was clearly stalling for time while he calls Trump to ask what to do with the dirty paperwork. You’d also expect, by this time, anybody with ties to Russiagate would have their stuff packed up ready to ship by now. It’s just one question of bad judgment after another with these people, but since when did anybody connected with trump act like they had any sense?

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