At Least France Has The Balls To Stand Up To Putin

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Americans sure love to dump on France a lot. Apparently backing your Revolution and giving you a nice statue isn’t being nice enough. But for all the jokes Americans like to make about French cowardice, French president Emmanuel Macron has dusted Putin in more than one round yet, and Putin’s probably still needing some ice for that burn.

Just check out the way Macron and Putin met for a “relationship reset” which was more like a Festivus Airing of Grievances ceremony with Putin taking the pole where the suninski don’t shine. Putin has the gall to act Macron what his thoughts were on Russian journalists.

Bet he was sorry he asked that one! Aside from Macron’s epic rant, remember it was Putin who backed Macron’s opponent and tried to do the same hack-and-rig number on Macron that he did to America’s Clinton. Only Macron was smart enough to see it coming, so he took measures to fight back via dumping gigabytes of garbage data onto the hackers’ spoils.

Thank you, France, for showing these pussy Americans how to fight a Russian dictator. And for helping us see for ourselves, once again, that the reason Trump and Putin are such soul brothers is because they are both equally as stupid.

COMMENT: Is America too chicken to call out Putin? Fine, France will do it for you. After all, they’re used to saving America’s butt, what’s one more time being the hero going to matter?

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