About The Russian Who Wants To Testify before Congress

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In the whirlwind of crazy Trump scandals spewing out of the White House, it’s impossible to find the time to research each one. Thank heavens for Memorial Day and a 3-day weekend to give us a short break, so we can pick one to examine more closely. How about the surreal moment when a Russian wanted to testify before the US Senate about Russiagate?

Yes, this is really happening. But the FBI isn’t so quick to hear from Mr. Oleg Deripaska, and it’s small wonder why. The US has been refusing Oleg Deripaska a Visa for years because of his connections to both Russian organized crime and Vlad the Putin, though of course Mr. Deripaska denies the former and downplays the latter. Deripaska also has strong business ties to Paul Manafort, who is emerging as the big money man between the US and Russia.

Deripaska is a Russian businessman who started out in the aluminum business before diversifying into energy, manufacturing, financing, and agriculture. He was once one of Russia’s wealthiest people, but was wiped out by the US 2007 subprime banking crisis – something he has in common with the Trumps! And just like the Trumps, he’s come all the way up to being rich again, but with some shadowy mafia guys hiding in his coattails.

He also has connections with not only Putin, but family-wise to Boris Yeltsin, making him one of the unique Russian businessmen to cross the threshold from Soviet Union to Russian Republic without a tumble. Not only that, he’s also chums with Nathaniel Rothschild of the famous Rothschild family, and has rubbed elbows with the former EU Trade Commissioner. So he can sprout some tentacles too, for you conspiracy-lovers.

The act of running over here to testify before the US Senate is a cheeky one to say the least, but Deripaska is nothing if not a daring swashbuckler. There’s only two possible explanations for his action: Either he’s betraying Putin and all the manipulations Putin has done with his US Republican puppets, or else he’s being planted by Putin to supply false information to the many investigations of Russian collusion going on in the US. Since Deripaska is not, as of this morning, lying dead with twelve bullet holes in his back and a weak ruling of “suicide,” we’ll leave it to you bright readers to figure out which explanation holds water.

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