Takei And Trump: Why Trekkies Tend To Be Liberal

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George Takei and his impish, elvish grin has once again fired back at alt-right bigots. The bigots, you see, are upset because the next “Star Trek” show will have a racially diverse cast. Takei also couldn’t pass up the chance to bring up Trump and his racially-motivated Muslim travel ban. Takei gets in jabs against the Republicans whenever he can.

What’s surprising in all this is that anyone would expect anything less than racial diversity in a “Star Trek” show. From its very beginning, the original 1960‘s series made it a point to be racially diverse, boasting the first African-American woman in a core role, the first interracial kiss shown on TV, and made many lefty social commentaries within its episodes. It could be argued that “Star Trek” has been the most Progressive media franchise in the western world.

Which makes “Star Trek” the exact opposite of any alt-right preferences. What they’re doing even bothering to comment on casting is a mystery. “Star Trek” is one franchise that will not only celebrate racial diversity, but multi-species diversity including love relationships across species and even hybrid half-human / half-aliens like Mr. Spock. Come to that, “Star Trek” is a franchise that celebrates everything that Republicans hate: A universally equal economy, scientific belief and progress, the most open-minded tolerance possible for all the diverse forms of life in the universe, and free health care in the Sick Bay.

Republicans, if you’re looking for your TV show, “The Flintstones” is down the hall. Just because your president is an orange mutant Cheeto doesn’t mean you belong in “Star Trek” fandom.

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