International View: Germany Leads The Lynch Mob Against Trump

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Angela Merkel just keeps getting more sour about Donald Trump. Having already written the US off as a lost cause, she’s renewed her criticism of Donald Trump. And now her staff has chimed in, remarking on the belittling treatment Trump gave the German leader and the rest of the G-7 at the summit and Trump’s “short-sighted policies.”

BBC Analyst Jenny Hill observes in that article that Germans have always loathed Donald Trump, which might remind them of certain distasteful politicians they’ve known in the past, to put it delicately.

Meanwhile over at Al Jazeera, a headline screams “The United States of Insanity.” Columnists there rightly observe that Donald Trump is not just the disease, but the most prominent symptom of the malaise that has afflicted the US for quite some time. The columnist enumerates many past sins of the US, which goes to show that Trump is damaging America’s reputation by bringing everyone to mind of the worst of US foreign policy.

It’s worth checking in on what other countries think of the US. America is not so big that it cannot fall, and it’s not the only major power in the world. There’s only so long we can keep making enemies for no reason and at this rate. Which is why so many in the international community are telling us “either Trump goes or you do!”

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