WaPo Gives Up And Just Posts Six Headlines Of Bad Trump News At Once

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This is turning into one corker of a week for the press, as new Russiagate revelations are simply flowing faster than anybody can keep track of them. They just dump it all in your lap: here. You sort this out.

Boy howdy.

One of the more telling revelations is that the Trump campaign had secretive, undisclosed contacts with Russian officials throughout the entire presidential campaign in 2016. There’s a total count of eighteen incidents here.

Hey, look, it’s Kelleyanne Conway, the seediest ho in Washington, interviewed four months ago:

Well, Reuters found out different:

Them contacts include Sergei Kislyak, Russia’s ambassador and the man described in the Steele Dossier as “Trump’s handler.” Mind you, none of this happened while any of these people held official positions in government office yet; the election was still ongoing. But Russia had a plan, and Trump was going to win. They all knew it, it was a surprise for the rest of us.

How firm was Russia’s plan? They had a plan to assassinate Hillary Clinton in May 2016, that’s how firm it was. This plot was intercepted by US spies, who naturally passed it back through the official channels and presumably Clinton was warned.

Once again, the deeds themselves aren’t so bothering as the cover-up. If they weren’t getting away with something, then why lie about it? Nevertheless, every lie the Trump cabinet tells is one more count of Obstruction of Justice, the ultimate impeachment sentence.

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