Trump Takes Another Ride On The WAAAHBulance!

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So a special counsel has been appointed to head the FBI investigation into Russiagate, to replace the ex-director James Comey whom trump fired. This will be Robert Mueller, the direct predecessor and mentor of James Comey, previously the FBI Director 2001-2013. Mueller comes with excellent credentials and reputations, and will be somebody Trump can’t directly fire.

Trump responded on the night of Wednesday the 17th with a brief memo welcoming Mueller to the team, perhaps a bit sniffy, but not outside normal presidential protocol. For once, this looked like a move without drama, and we all held our breath thinking “could it really be that easy?”

Ha ha, you wish!

Trump the morning of the 18th:

For the love of frinckin’ God, man, when are you going to discover some DIGNITY? The single “greatest witch hunt of a politician” award could actually go to Barrack Obama, who had to put up with eight years of this from Trump:

Yeah, remember that birther crap for eight years? Let’s see here: Say, hypothetically, Donald Trump was right – that phrase is so hard to type – and Obama was not born in the US. What is he guilty of them? Why, not being born in the US. Basically, the whole birther movement was nothing but an open racist screed.

Let’s say we’re right about Trump and Russiagate. That would mean that a con artist and traitor committed treason by taking over the office of the presidency and selling it out to a hostile foreign power. That would mean that a sitting president has collaborated with Russian mobsters. That would mean that an egotistical bastard tried his best to murder one of the greatest democracies in Western civilization to replace with a puppet state of the Russian federation, all just to line his own pockets with a few extra bucks so he could afford to pay more hooker to pee on him.

That would mean that this spoiled rotten psychopath took all of the hard work and sacrifice and blood that has been spilled by brave patriots over centuries who gave their lives for this free country that Trump, himself, owes his very life to, and shit all over it, wiped his shitty ass on the American flag, then laughed at the shock on all our faces.

There’s no comparison there.

If this be a witch hunt, let us fetch the wooden stakes, the tinder, the gasoline, and the matches. It’s a fit execution for treason.

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