Thanks To Michael Flynn, The United States Is Now Complicit In Terrorism

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Well, the present author just received quite a jump. As I age into a spider-web encrusted skeleton while I struggle to type with bloodless gray fingers, you’ll just have to go see the bad news at Slate yourself. Apparently, Michael Flynn’s influence from being paid by Turkey was so great that Flynn stopped a US attack on ISIS just because Turkey didn’t want it.

This is about the Syria city of Raqqa, an ISIS holdout. The Obama administration mapped out plans to bomb it and take it, but when the Trump transition team took over, Michael Flynn stopped the operation – just because Turkey, which paid Flynn, didn’t like it because the US would have moved in alliance with Kurds. That hasn’t changed; Raqqa is still an ISIS fortress. This means the US stayed its hand when it could have moved to strike a blow against ISIS.

Yeah, that’s the United States. Soft on terrorism, complicit in all the slaughter that’s gone on in Syria, completely complacent in accepting the word of a National Security Advisor to stand down on an operation that was moving in to strike. All because Flynn got paid a mere, tiny, humiliating sum of $530,000, which will get you almost a decent house in some of the rough neighborhoods in America.

It’s an outrage that the media didn’t begin the story here first. We should have learned of this back in January, and it should have been screamed from every media surface then. Because we wouldn’t have Trump in office right now, the gravity of this horrifying debacle would have sunk in sooner.

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